Ground+Co mentioned in Parliament

Extract from Hansard
[ASSEMBLY — Thursday, 27 May 2021]

In May 2021, Ground+Co cafe was mentioned in Parliament by the Minister for Culture and the Arts.

“I would like to inform the house about the new social enterprise cafe at the State Library of Western Australia. Libraries are one of the last remaining public spaces where anyone can remain from opening until closing without needing any reason to be there and without having to spend any money. This is true of the State Library, which plays a positive role in the lives of many as a centre of research, learning and recreation, and for some a place of opportunity.

That is why it is fitting that the recently opened cafe in the State Library is a social enterprise. It is educating, empowering and creating employment opportunities for young people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness, and, of course, offers great coffee. The cafe, called Ground and Co, is run by the Underground Collaborative. The collaborative was founded by Katie Liew, who after nearly a decade in the mining and resources industry as a management accountant, embarked on her social entrepreneurship journey. The new cafe demonstrates the State Library’s commitment to provide a place to learn and develop for all Western Australians no matter their circumstances.”

Read the full Ministerial Statement here.