I came. I saw. And now I’m back to conquer.

After travelling to Africa for two months and spending some time in poverty-stricken areas, I returned feeling a mixture of emotions and I was completely dissatisfied, angry, and deflated with the state of our world.

Consequently, I had rediscovered my passions which I had lost in my day to day life, and immersed myself in research, volunteering and trying to understand life. Not of mine, but of those less fortunate.

– Katie Liew // Founder

And so in June 2017, The Underground Collaborative was born. A social enterprise that seeks to educate, empower and employ, and help break the cycles of homelessness for women and young people.

The name was designed to bring light to otherwise ‘taboo’ topics, and help address systemic issues through collaboration. I strongly believe, and with deep passion, that only when we work together, can we make a greater and sustainable impact – socially, environmentally, locally.

Artwork for The Underground Collaborative

Artist: Clinton PriceRuah

Because we believe in the inherent value of people. We believe in dignity, respect and freedom. We believe in human rights. We strive towards applying these beliefs, and is our motivation to everything that we do. It is simple, but this is our ‘why’.

While we acknowledge the task will not be easy, we are incredibly passionate about making a difference, and instilling positive change. We aim to learn from, and work with organisations, to help provide sustainable and impactful differences.

The Underground Collaborative is an endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient under section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

All donations in excess of $2.00 are tax deductible.
ABN: 42 412 826 061