Social Impact Investing

Social impact investment (SII) aims to achieve both a social and financial return. Through collaboration between service providers, investors and governments, SII can untap new sources of capital (through various types of investors) and enhance the return on investment.

The very definition of a social impact investment is one that intentionally aims to achieve social impact along with a financial return, while measuring the achievement of both.

A social impact bond (SIB) (also known as a social benefit bond) is a proven social impact model, which engages private capital for the execution of social initiatives. With regards to homelessness, the use of SIB might assist people transition into stable housing and employment, yielding savings in the cost of social housing, welfare, interactions with the justice system and requirement for healthcare services.

“Homeless people are investment opportunities with incredible potential, and helping them get off the street and into a job is good for all of us.” – weingart.org

We are keen to explore collaborations through social impact investing and to consider opportunities with various sectors to develop an affordable housing model.

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