Empowerment is said to be the aim of social enterprises seeking to improve the lives of those experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.

We see ’empowerment’ as a key objective of The Underground Collaborative, in seeking to improve the lives of those most marginalised. By providing employment, they’re not only able to feel a sense of purpose, but also a connection to the community. Without this, it may leave them feeling socially isolated and without a sense of belonging.

If we are able to provide people the tools to feel empowered, we also provide them with dignity. They will feel a sense of purpose to lead productive lives, and to bring about independence and sustainable change.

Further to that, we are passionate about empowering our community – when we are educated and understand, we too are filled with a deep sense of purpose. Through supporting for-purpose organisations, we are empowered with the knowledge to contribute effectively.

We feel it is equally important you have visibility to the impact you’re making on not only others’ lives, but your lives too.

Please challenge your ideas about poverty, homelessness and its perceived underlying causes. We want to empower everyone to have a sense of purpose, in whatever capacity.

When you empower another person, you invest in yourself and take a risk that has the potential to change another person’s life. Additionally, you are simultaneously enriching yourself with their story, their culture and their purpose.

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