Employment is seen as a pathway out of poverty, and necessary for social inclusion.

Australia faces very low rates of employment. Even transitioning out of homelessness, people are trapped in a state of poverty. While it doesn’t necessarily address the root causes, employment focuses on breaking the cycles of homelessness. With the amount and stability of income, employment can reduce the duration of homelessness. It also supports the management of mental health conditions, drug and alcohol addiction, and social exclusion.

Additionally, employment has been likened to be the best form of welfare, providing people with the necessary income to enable them to access to, and importantly, maintain stable housing.

However, employment isn’t just the financial stability. It’s the empowerment, the feeling of self-worth, independence, and the freedom to live.

Our first initiative is our coffee operations, Ground+Co which trains and employs those facing barriers to employment. It is with the intention our Employment Program participants are in a better position to transition into long term employment, and sustainable housing.

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