Education and raising awareness regarding homelessness and societal issues is important. There are common misconceptions and stigmas surrounding homelessness, due to a lack of awareness and understanding of the underlying causes. As a result, many people have trouble sympathising with the associated negative stereotypes that burden the homeless, and are unable to connect to the cause.

We aim to educate our community through sharing stories, generating meaningful conversations, and being strong advocates. This provides information to positively influence attitudes, behaviours and beliefs.

As we reach a common ground in understanding, these values and beliefs tend to shift and become aligned with one another. We gain knowledge of how it relates to us and our community, through which we are able to work together to make a change.

A little bit about homelessness

It may be hard to fully comprehend these statistics, but we see individuals, not numbers, nor issues. We are inspired by passion, and compassion for the wellbeing of people, in our drive to be catalysts for change.

Domestic violence…

…is the single leading cause of homelessness in Australia – 25%

The common question regarding a domestic violence situation is, “why don’t they leave the abuser?”.  The answer however, remains individual to each woman, and can be complex and complicated. Unless you have personally experienced domestic violence,

it is easy to misunderstand. Education and awareness is important in shifting our preconceived notions, and breaking these stigmas.

Domestic violence thrives in silence.

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