Our first beachhead strategy to create jobs is through our coffee cart, Ground+Co. This will be used to train and employ those most marginalised to become baristas.

Our coffee cart also provides an opportunity for our customers to engage directly with our employees, providing a greater, more tangible connection to the cause.

The Underground Collaborative will partner with community service agencies to lend on their expertise and relationships with their clients, and to ensure employees receive the necessary wrap around support.

With continued support, employees will move onto employment in partnership with other hospitality establishments, to provide long-term and sustainable employment beyond Ground+Co.

By the first year of operations, we expect to have impacted the lives of at least six to eight people experiencing, or at-risk of homelessness. Through providing training and employment, our baristas would be considered highly employable, with training and at least six months’ experience.

If you’re a cafe, and would like to partner with us to be a part of our employees’ ongoing journey, please get in touch.

We are working with securing suppliers and funding, so in the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow our social media platforms for more information to come so stay tuned!